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East Corinth, Maine - Ora Haley's home from 1845 ~ 1864

Bangor, Maine

  • Samuel Freeman Hersey - mercantile owner (wealthiest man in Bangor)
  • Note: Although purely speculative at this time, I believe this is the man Ora Haley worked for in Bangor from 1862 to 1864, he owned a mercantile in Bangor at the right time, was a staunch republican, was the wealthiest man in Bangor (reference in Maud's notes) and often mentored young men from the surrounding area. There is also a Nathan Hersey (b. 1807 m. 1837) wife Sarah Ann Haines of Corinth, ME who may have referred OH to Hersey but I can't find any relation to Samuel.
  • Other Hersey Links:

Maine Militia Military Service 1864

Waukon, Iowa - OH "moved his residence here in 1864" (Source: Progressive Men of Wy)

  • Waukon History
  • Cyndi's List of Iowa History
  • Allamakee County
  • 1860 Iowa Census
  • Why OH went to Waukon is a mystery. As he rarely did anything without reason it is a good bet he traveled to Waukon with someone or knew someone there. Several Maine families had moved here with the timber interests. Some possible connections are listed below:
    • AJ (Judson) Hersey opened the first mercantile in Waukon, Iowa in 1854. Brothers Lewis and Augustine (possible family tree - FamilySearch)

Black Hawk, Colorado - 1865 - 1867

Laramie City, Wyoming

Augusta Pfeiffer Haley - Married to Ora Haley in 1872 in Omaha, NE

  • Parents from St. Louis, MO, Francis Anthony (born 1808) and Susan Maddox (b 1822)
    Married in St. Louis, March 30, 1837 (Family Search)
  • One of 5 Children (Joseph, Georgiana, Josephine, Anna)
  • Susan Maddox's Mother was a Bowles (4th generation descendent of Gideon Bowles) (See: Bowles Generation 4 and from Charlie Haley's site: Children of Andreson "Jackie" Bowles of Goochland, VA)
  • Francis Anthony Pfeiffer, possibly descended from Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer of Philadelphia
    PFEIFFER . Genealogy of Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer of Philadelphia,
    PA & His Descendants, 1734-1899, By Ediwn J. Sellers, 67pp.,
  • Francis Anthony Pfeiffer, was listed as born in Germany on Census records. shows a F. ANTONIUS PFEIFFER (b. May 29, 1795) born in Germany, father not Dr. Pfeiffer above.
US Census Data:
  • 1860 Corinth, Maine - Although Charlie Haley lists Ora as the only child of Benjamin and Nancy Rollins Haley, the link on lists Benjamin's 2nd wife, Mary K. and 6 children - Mary A.(21), Ora (15), Martha (15), Arthur(11), George(7) and Laura(4) - Source: Correspondence from Sandra Armstrong
  • 1870 Albany, Wyoming - Lists an Arthur Haley from Maine age 21, occupation Butcher, living in Laramie City, WY. This was Ora Haley's brother.
  • 1880 Albany, Wyoming - OH (Osa) listed as living on 4th Street in Laramie, WY with Augusta, Annie, Addie, Mattie (daughters), Mother In-Law Susan Pfiefer(60), and Brother FrankPfiefer(14) (note the "f" dropped from name). Also states that Augusta's father was born in Germany.

Brown's Park, Colorado

Newspaper Articles: (Do your own search at Colorado Digital Library)
(Links load slowly as they are images of newspapers. Look for blue underlines.)

Routt County Colorado, Tax Lawsuit

Other Haley's

Gravestone's of John and Abagail Haley - John was the brother of Ora Haley's grandfather. Exeter, NH

"A curious fact about John and Abigail is that they both died when their
children were fairly young and left guardianship to a Samuel Dodge. I
have information for 7 siblings for John but no one in the family took
over guardianship."

Source: Personal correspondence with Jenn Marcelais <> author of the website and descendent of John Haley.

From SeaCoast New Hampshire Website: (not the same branch of the family as Ora Haley but still some interesting endeavors of Great Uncles and cousins. Was the 1/2 brother of Benjamin Haley, son of Thomas III)