Timeline of Events Helping to
Shape the Life of Ora Haley

- General Relevant Historical Event

June 10, 1844   Benjamin Haley purchases 75 acre farm in East Corinth Maine from Wins Preble (see Haley Farm Page)
December 4, 1845   Ora Haley, Born, East Corinth, ME. The 4th child of Benjamin and Nancy Rollins Haley.
1850   Ora's Mother Nancy Rollins dies at age 32
1852   Benjamin Haley marries the house keeper (Mary Hunt) who is cruel to Ora and his sister Mary
1860   OH listed as farmer with father Ben and 5 sisters in 1860 Census, Penobscot Co. Maine
1862   General Homestead Act & Railroad Grant Acts for Trans-continental railroad line
1862 - 1864   At age 18 Ora goes to work for a local merchant in Bangor, Maine for $12/year. (Source: Progressive Men of Wyoming)
1864   Ora Haley serves in the 1st Regiment; Company A, Maine Militia State Guards station at Fort McClary, Kittery, Maine
March 1864   Benjamin Haley sells family farm in E. Corinth
1864   OH moves to Waukon, Iowa
1865   End of Civil War, President Lincoln assasinated
Spring 1865   OH arrives in Denver after driving cattle from Iowa as a "bullwhacker" (Source History of Colorado, 1919)
Oct 25, 1865   OH in Black Hawk (Gilpin County), CO newspaper as disolving a partnership with John Brophy. It is believed that this was his partner in a butcher shop.
1866   OH suffered from "mountain sickness" for almost a year and was cared for by landlady
1866-1868   OH "engaged in freighting" from Missouri to Colorado (notes from Ora Ben Haley, Jr. 1973) Then worked providing hay for railroad graders west of Cheyenne.
July 25, 1868   Wyoming Territory Created
January, 1868   OH moved to Fort Saunder, WY part of current day Laramie. He worked both as a butcher and cattle farmer. Gets contract to supply beef to railroad workers with his partner/brother-in law Al Gregory.
May 10, 1868   Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad reaches Laramie City, Wyoming
May 19, 1869   Wyoming Territory Established
1871   OH bought first ranch in Rock Springs, WY, the 160 acre Heart Ranch. There he established his hereford herd and the Heart Brand.
1871   OH Serves as a Republican in the 2nd Territorial Legislative Assembly
January 2, 1872   Married Augusta M. Pfieffer Haley in Omaha, NE
1872   Two River Ranch Purchased (20 miles north of Laramie at Wyoming Station) Served as the headquarters and home of Ora Haley
September 14, 1872   Anne G. and Adelaide Haley Born on the ranch after Augusta falls from the fence. Ora's half sister Jen assisted with the birth. When OH returns from roundup and discovers what has happened he moves the family into Laramie City.
1875   Barbed Wire Invented
1876   Colorado Statehood
August 1, 1877   Martha Haley Born, Laramie City, WY
1877   Two River Ranch Sold - Haley House in Laramie was built and became home for family
1878   Two Bar Brand established in Routt Co., Colorado
1881   OH serves in State Legistature
December 9, 1882   Ora Ben Haley Born, Laramie, WY
1884   OH charged in Routt Co, Colorado for under-estimating cattle and under-paying tax.
1885   Unlawful Inclosure Act - prohibited fencing of public land
1885   Hutton (Heart) Ranch purchased on the Big Laramie River south of Laramie, WY
1886-87   The Great Blizzard
1887   OH Losses ALL of his Wyoming & Colorado cattle in the snow storms. 2 Local business men take him to New York to get a loan to rebuild the herd.
July 24, 1888   Haley Livestock Company incorporated in Pottawattamie county, Iowa
July 27, 1888   Routt County, Colorado authorities seize 700 Haley cattle as collateral for unpaid taxes
1890   Wyoming Statehood (1889 Wyoming Constitutional Convention)
1890   OH serves in Wyoming's 1st State Senate
1892   The Johnson County War
~1892   OH buys interest in First National Bank of Laramie and serves as Vice President for several years.
April 16, 1894   U. S. Supreme Court Case: WILSON v. HALEY LIVE-STOCK CO., 153 U.S. 39 (1894). OH sues Routt County for damages to "impounded" cattle.
1895   OH Purchases Salisbury and Major Ranches on the Little Snake River 30 miles east of Brown's Park. Hiram "Hi" Bernard is the manager. (Source: Kouris "The Romantic & Notorious History of Brown's Park", p. 97, 1988)
1896   Automobile invented
1901   McKinley assasinated, Theodore Roosevelt became President
1906   Gifford Pinochet institutes Grazing Permits on National Forest Lands $.05/Cow/Month (AUM)
1900   Matt Rash and Isom Dart of Brown's Park are shot by Tom Horn
November 20, 1903   Tom Horn hanged in Cheyenne for the murder of 14 yr old Willie Nickell (Source: Tom Horn: Misunderstood Misfit)
1905   OH purchases 300,000 sheep with Utah partner B. F. Sanders.
1908   OH sells 60,000 acres of ranch lands in Wyoming
1909   Hoy Ranch in Brown's Park purchased
1911   Anne Bassett charged with rustling Two Bar cattle
1912   OH sells all Routt County land holdings.
~1913   OH retires to Haley House in Denver, Colorado. Ora Ben Haley Sr manages businesses in Denver (West Hotel and Cooper Building) and partner Harris supervises land holdings in Logan, County.
December 22, 1919   Ora Haley dies in Denver, CO