Haley Farm in East Corinth - 1844 to 1864

Although there are some stories that indicate otherwise from the research it appears Ora Haley called East Corinth, Maine his home from birth until 1864. The family farm has only changed hands 3 times since Benjamin Haley sold it in 1864 (Roberts, Thissell, Bean). Franklin Bean (age 91) owns the largest acreage that once constituted the farm, the majority of the remaining acreage was annexed by Corinth Township for the Middle and High Schools (East Corinth Academy). The exact house where the Haley's resided is not known at this time but 2 homes from the mid 1800's are still present on the property. It appears that the largest home on the farm burned several years ago and was not restored



The 74 acre farm was purchased from Wims Preble in 1844 (see Deed 148-395) and can be located today by the reference to the original East Corinth Academy Lot in its northwest corner. After the Academy burned it was moved to the south side of the property at its present location in the late 1800's. The original Academy lot is now the public library. The Baptist Parsonage is the other landmark that easily identifies the farm's location. Deeded to the Baptist Church in 1844 the parsonage still exists along with a building that appears to be the original. This property formed the southwest corner of the farm. 

In 1864 the Haley's sold the farm in 2 parcels. 25 acres were sold to Capt. Elisha Parker which can be seen on the 1875 map to the left. The remaining 50 acres were sold to the Robert's family who later sold the property to James Thissell in 1869. As depicted here 2 houses were present on the property in 1875, in all likelihood one of these homes was the Haley's main residence. The Thissell home can be seen in the background of this 1932 class photo from the East Corinth Academy.

With assistance from the staff at the East Corinth Municipal Office the Haley Family Cemetary Plot was located in the Corinthian Cemetery just west of town on the Exeter Road (Rt. 43). Four family members are buried in this plot, Ora Haley's mother Nancy Rollins (1818-50), Mary Addie (1838-61), Rodney (1841-54) and Stephen R. (1843-54). Ora was the fourth of Nancy Rollins and Benjamin's six children (Martha and Arthur were the other two), Benjamin and Mary Hunt had two more children George and Jenny.

For complete information on how to locate these places in East Corinth and additional research needed to help confirm which homes were the Haley's please contact Steve Storck. Additional images can be viewed using this web gallery.